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Get Results on the first page of Google, learn to create unlimited professional websites; learn to create unlimited optimized mircroblogs, link up to FIVE domains, create personalized EMAIL ACCOUNTS, take advantage of strategic partnerships, network, earn thousands of dollars in extra income and much more... (Free web site builder, simple web site builder)


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We are the creators of the most comprehensive technology and system on the Internet, with OMB100 you have everything you need to ensure your presence and results on the web. You do not need to be knowledgeable about programming, web design or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With our platform and our support, you will become an expert in a matter of minutes! With OMB100, all of your businesses and results can be maintained under your control 24/7 on the Internet.

"Hi, my name is Solomon. I am a Real Estate Agent. OMB100 definitely changed the way in which I promote my business. I have 280 optimized microblogs and 15 websites with desktop and mobile versions. With OMB100, in only a few months, I already had dozens of results on the first page of Google, new clients, and I had created a network of more than 170 people. OMB100 opened up new possibilities on the Internet for me, and today I use the Internet to benefit my business, and I have better results. Also, with the profit sharing system, every month I receive a "super welcome" check from the company."

Testimony Solomon

OMB100 offers you a Free Business Opp.

Put your businesses on the Internet and turn the Internet into a great business for you.

The size of your company or business does not matter. With OMB100, you can achieve unparalleled results on the Internet, have another vision of how the Web and search engines work, use the network to your advantage and even create a great source of extra income.
Fact: Nobody is too big or too small for OMB100. All companies, professionals, entrepreneurs and ideas can greatly benefit from OMB100's solutions. No other tool can provide you with better performance on the Internet. Period!
We can say this because we have the best and most comprehensive product and service on the Internet. We strongly believe in the global growth of OMB100 and knowing the importance of user participation in this process, we have developed a profit sharing system, where 50% of all of our revenue is distributed among the users themselves, according to their participation.
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What you have with the OMB100 platform: (exclusive system and tools)

Optimized microblog
Your businesses managed by you
and in the top positions on Google.

With our system, you will become an SEO EXPERT, that's right, you will learn to create optimized microblogs and you will be able to create as many microblogs as you want in order to position your business on Google's front page. In fact, we have a user who already has more than 200 optimized microblogs, (one for each business keyword) and with dozens of results on the first page of Google.

Optimized microblog is an exclusive creation platform developed by our company, which allows users to easily create a content page perfectly optimized and ready for your keywords, thus achieving extraordinary results on Google (only OMB100 has this tool).

"My name is Cristina; I am the managing member for Safety Business LLC. I contracted OMB100's services for the creation of an optimized microblog and I was surprised because in just two weeks my webpage became the first result on Google for the following Internet search: "Bookkeeping in Orlando" I remember that at the time I used to spend about $700 a month on advertisement, but now I have many more results. I have been on the first page for more than a year, and my cost is only $50 per month. The OMB100 system is really a "big deal" and I am extremely happy with the results obtained. I highly recommend it!"
Safety Business LLC
(Tax and Bookkeeping)

Professional website builder with the technology to drag and drop in HTML 5 so you can create as many websites as you want.

Learn to create professional websites with our super website builder. Without any computer programming knowledge, you will be able to become a true web designer and create professional websites for your businesses, your ideas, projects, products, family, school assignments, presentations, etc.

Editing professional templates or creating from scratch, you can create a website in minutes. Also, our website builder has a "page-by-page" optimization system, further improving your chance of being well-positioned on Google. You can create unlimited websites with our tool, and load up to 5 websites with your own domain name.
No one else has a deal like this!!!

Your website under your very own domain. Example:
Mobile-friendly versions of your websites.
Custom color pattern in accordance with your business
Photo Gallery
Video Gallery
Miscellaneous pages, like: Company, Products, Services, Mission, Location, and more.
Contact form directly to your email
100% editable and easy to update website with online support
Control Panel and Administration
Possible monetization in advertising networks, e.g.: Google AdSense.
Plug-ins with social networks = Facebook, Twitter and others.
Plug-ins with billing system, e.g.: PayPal.
backlinks and marketing = Manual input search directories.
Latest generation of HTML5 drag and drop platform.
Google = Optimization with your key words on all pages (individually created).
Unique and professional design developed by a highly trained team.
100% U.S.-based technical support and customer service.
Large professional hosting on latest-generation dedicated servers.
Possibility of inserting new pages and tools.
Huge disk space and storage capacity.

Websites for mobile devices
(because 30% of hits come
from mobile devices)

Only 2% of a select few companies have a special version for mobile devices, and with OMB100, you will already be ahead of your competitors. With our tool, you can also easily create your websites specifically for mobile devices and tablets. presenting your company with even more professionalism to thousands of clients and users that access your website via their mobile device.

You can create mobile versions
for all of your websites (unlimited).

Automatic tool for assessing pages (so you can achieve perfection!)

Discover our "on-page SEO analysis" tool developed by the market's best programmers and SEO experts. With this tool, you can analyze your pages in dozens of different aspects, leaving them perfect in the eyes of search engines. Just enter the URL of the desired page and the keyword, and our tool will give you a "grade" according to the search engine's reading. Thus, you can clearly identify the errors and make your webpage perfect, both in its structure and optimization, as well as find out how your competitors use the keyword in their websites.

On other websites, you end up paying $99 per month to use a tool like this, but with OMB100, this important tool is included in a single package of $10 per month.

Local search directory:
(we can prove that we are huge!)

With the OMB100 platform, you have one of the largest local search directories in the world, . In fact, at this very moment we probably have thousands of people online viewing the companies listed in our directory. Also showing all the organic Google results. We are so confident in our numbers that we are one of the only companies that provides an impartial audit tool in real time so that everyone can see our hits where they came from (in real time).
Why is this important? Because you can see that we have more than 100,000 hits per day from organic Google searches and that they go directly to ads for businesses just like yours.
Your company can be listed in our directory in several categories, with all of your information, reviews, images, maps, contact sheet, etc., as well as having a stronger possibility of being found in organic Google searches.

Over 200 thousand companies are viewed every day in our directory and your company should not be left out.

Virtual office with
a local network

In your administrative panel, you will have immediate access to the technical support department, as well as tutorial videos for each of the tools where you will learn to work with and manage all of your webpages, blogs, stats and applications.

You can provide a daily message for all of the users in your city, thus increasing dissemination and consolidating your image among local users.

In this area, all users have an internal search system exclusively listing the websites, blogs and ads of the members themselves, further improving your results.

Money, lots and lots of money...!

Be impressed with our profit sharing system every month!

100% Free Business Opportunity!

Confident in the quality, uniqueness and advantages of our services, we understand that our market potential covers all companies, services, products, professionals, etc., since those who still do not have a website certainly need one; and those who already have a website, certainly need search engine results. Either way, OMB100 always has the right solution for your needs.

To encourage promoting and to reward, in a way that is "Impressive", the users that have helped us grow our business, we have developed an unprecedented, unique and fantastic profit sharing system.

Far from any other marketing system, extra income or business opportunity that you have seen before, our profit sharing system is solid, real and extremely lucrative for the users that participate. Old users and new users have the same chance to earn hundreds of dollars every month.

No investment, no financial risk, no compromises, no sales and no bothering of relatives, you can participate in the profit sharing system and achieve large earnings every month.

Taking into account the market's dire need and our uniqueness, quality and price, it will not be the least bit difficult to bring in new users by advertising OMB100 among your friends, colleagues and social networks. After all, it doesn't make sense to use any other system or hire any other company once you discover OMB100.

For each new user that gets to OMB100 by your referral, we will share with you a share of our profits (which is a lot of money!).

Profit sharing is the monthly division of 50% of the company's total profits and earnings among the users according to their participation and results of their marketing efforts during the current month.

The magic of Profit Sharing...

Only with our system is it possible to indicate a new user that will pay $10 per month for unlimited use of our platform and receive a share of $50, $100, $200 or $500 with a simple referral.
Have you ever imagined receiving a check for $300, simply because your neighbor created a website that cost $10?

This is your opportunity.
Other competitors offer only 1 website for this amount ($10 per month), and have up to a million hosted websites, proving the market potential; and now, OMB100, which is a far superior platform, and which offers numerous advantages and exclusive tools for the best price on the Internet, is offering you the opportunity to be a business partner. Seize this opportunity (read all about profit sharing).

Register now, and learn to master the Internet and create your websites and blogs, put your ideas into fruition and partner up with us and our profits!

OMB100 = redefining business on the Internet
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    All companies, businesses and professionals need websites - with OMB100, you can create as many websites as you want (don't limit your business only 1 website).

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    Websites with no results on Google are worthless - OMB100 offers the best optimization system for each of your websites and the best unique applications to improve your results.

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    Simplified information for you to understand our tools, the Internet and your websites' statistical information. Videos, tutorials, support via Skype and e-mail.

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    Profit sharing system for you to generate extra income in the best niche in the world ***Does not conflict with any other marketing system.

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    Doctors, lawyers, accountants, musicians, business owners, students, contractors, entrepreneurs. Our company already has thousands of clients, thousands of Google results and we are already among the most visited websites in the world.

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    Internal network for you to promote your business and network with other users, business people and entrepreneurs like you.

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    There is no better or more comprehensive deal on the market for those who want to make a website or are looking for better Google results.

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