Platform for you to build everything you need to reach the first page of Google

What can possibly be better than being Online TODAY? How about having REAL results and a SOLID PRESENCE on the Internet? Yes, we are talking about the First page of Google, Websites, Blogs, SEO, Local advertising, Landing pages, total control of your content and much more. With OMB100, you have an all in one friendly and easy to use platform

OMB100 is the difference between having a website verses having a Solid presence along with the best results the Internet has to offer. It doesn't make sense to make websites elsewhere or with another tool because OMB100 is the only place where you are able to create as many websites as you want, optimized microblogs to ensure the best results on Google, mobile websites for Smartphones and Tablets, Our Top Notch SEO tool for you to understand how the Internet works, personalized and professional emails, customer service and support, a logo creator tool and much, much, much, more!

The OMB100 Complete soltution is brought to you by:


Professional Website Builder using drag and drop technology in HTML 5 so you can create as many websites as you'd like

Learn how to create professional websites with our super tool for building websites.
Without any knowledge of programming you will be able to become a true web-designer and create "professional" websites for your businesses, ideas, products, projects, events, family, school papers, presentations, etc...
Weather your editing professional templates or creating them from scratch, you can create websites in minutes.
OMB100 offers hundreds of templates ready for you to edit as well as applications and the most intelligent solutions for companies of any size.

Website for Mobile Devices
30% of web access comes from mobile phones or tablets
There are 4 billion mobile users worldwide, that is 70% of the world population!

Only 2% of companies have special versions for mobile devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets WITH OMB100 you are already ahead of your competitors!
With our tool, you can also easily create your website especially for Mobile Devices, featuring even more professionalism to thousands of customers and users who access your website via mobile.

Professional E-MAIL System
Real professionals DO NOT use generic e-mail!

Create and manage professional e-mail accounts with your own domain, (Example:
Professional e-mails directly to your domain shows a very good presentation of your business and are typically easier to remember and identify by your clients.
With the OMB100 system you can have dozens of e-mail accounts.

Thousands of users generating internal consumption within the system.

OMB100 possess their own web search bar (created with the technology and partnership of GOOGLE), which can be found in all of our pages, in your control panel or virtual office, as well as some websites for customers and users that use them on their websites in order to search within The Best Of My Neighborhood.
Our users typically do their research using our own search bar and the first results are always of our own clients, followed by the results of businesses on Google. Thus generating a further source of access and outcome for our customers.


Your business on the TOP OF GOOGLE, making you the SEO expert!

With our system you will become an SEO EXPERT!
No need to pay someone hundreds of dollars to possibly get you results.
That's right, you will learn how to create Optimized Micro Blogs, which is actually a style of "the landing page" created with the latest and greatest SEO technology to get your business in the top position of the search engines.
We are the creators of the concept and the technology of the optimized microblogs, therefore only OMB100 has the Optimized Microblogs system and we give you up to 10 microblogs per account. That gives you maximum efficiency to work each of your keywords on the search engines.


Automatic tool for evalutating pages.
(Have Your Perfect Page!)

Learn more about our professional Tool developed by the best programmers and experts in the SEO industry. With this tool you can analyze your pages in dozens of different aspects and leave them perfect in the eyes of search engines. Just put the URL of the page you want with the keyword and our tool will give you a "grade" in accordance with the reading of such search engines. This way you can clearly identify the errors and make each one of your pages have a perfect structure and optimization. There are only two ways you can get access to a tool such as this, through OMB100 or hiring this sort of service through specific SEO websites for more than $100 a month.



The OMB100 system owns one of the largest local business directories in the world, in fact as we speak, we probably have thousands of people online visiting the businesses listed in our directory. All coming from the organic results of Google.
We are so confident with our numbers that we are one of the few companies that displays a real-time auditing tool so that everyone can see our visitors and where they came from... (IN REAL TIME)

Why is this important? Because you can verify that we have hundreds of visitors per minute from Organic search results of Google!
To have your company listed in THE BEST OF MY NEIGHBOREHOOD is fundamental in order to increase your results on Google, backlinks and relevance on the internet.
Included in OMB100's system, you get to insert up to 5 advertisements in THE BEST OF MY NEIGHBORHOOD portal for the same low price.


Easy and Intuitive tool for creating logos

With our system, you can quickly create professional logos for new ideas and projects. Through our editor you can create and download to your computer a logo with the face of your business, and you can use our huge database of images or your own images.

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Landing Pages

Supercharge your sales, Create incredible engagement with your clients

Everyone talks about having websites, but few people know about the fantastic tool and the benefits that using a LANDING PAGE can bring to your business.
This is the best tool to create a list of users or customers, as well as create a relationship and social engagement with your customers.
Knowing how to work with your LANDING PAGE you can increase your results on the internet by more than 300%.

Only the best companies in the market use a strategy this powerful, but now with OMB100 you can have this technology at your disposal and feel the benefits of working with the best and most complete solution on the internet.

We put a series of tutorial Videos at your disposal, with one of the best business consultants on the internet, where you will learn how to create, use and apply the LANDING PAGES for your business.


With OMB100, you are in control and we are here to help!

With OMB100's solution you are in complete control.
Right in your virtual office you have access to each and every tool that OMB100 has to offer. Where you can edit, remove , insert or create new content at any given moment. We have a video library with hundreds of short tutorial videos that teach you how to use and dominate all of the tools and features of OMB100. With a very small amount of time and dedication, you can become an expert on the internet.

Even then if you still need help, you can always count on our technical support department. Customer Support is always ready to help you 24/7 with any of your questions or concerns about the OMB100 tool.

The difference of our TECHNICAL SUPPORT for OMB100 is that our team stays in the same room as our programmers, thus enabling a much faster solution to any of the problems you may be facing while developing your Websites, microblogs, e-mail accounts, advertisements, etc...

Who says that size doesn't matter?

But even then if you still need help, you can always count on our technical support department, that is always ready to help you 24/7 with any of your questions or concerns about any OMB100 tool.

The difference of our TECHNICAL SUPPORT for OMB100 is that our team stays in the same room as our programmers, thus enabling a much faster solution to any of the problems you may be facing while developing your Websites, microblogs, e-mail accounts, advertisements, etc...

The internet doesn't stop, and neither do we!

OMB100 has a large team of professionals in areas of programming and development, we're always looking for new solutions, services and technology. We love the challenge of always bringing the newest technology and we were made to be able to offer our users the internet's latest and greatest!

We are currently developing:
System of virtual stores and shopping carts.
Mobile Applications for launches, hot deals and discounts

In your virtual office you will have access to dozens of other complementary solutions that can contribute greatly to your success on the internet, such as: The Best of My Neighborhood, Task 50, Webvalued and others. (watch the tutorial videos so you too can learn how to master all of the tools)

Free Plan

Test all of our tools

The free plan was intended to give you a little more knowledge about the tools and the possibilities of OMB100, so you can feel safe with your decision before hiring our services. With the free plan you have limited access to all of the tools, although you cannot publish any content on the internet.

Only $15 a month

Silver Plan

You do it yourself

The Silver Plan holds the purpose of allowing you to use our tools and all of the possibilities of OMB100, so you can build your own website, achieve the results you need and get your business on the right track to success. With the Silver Plan you have unlimited access to all of the tools, and you can publish your content to the internet using two different domain names! But don't feel left out! We have tutorial videos for every tool in your virtual office. Learn how to make websites like professional designers. See how easy it is to create microblogs so you can get results like the big boys on Google. And the list goes on...