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"A OMB100 Smart Website is the SECRET of 16,000 businesses and professionals who dominate the Internet and are on the First Page of Google!"

Dominate the Internet with a Smart OMB100 Website.

OMB100 Smart Website is a system with many components and features that once configured works on autopilot 24 hours a day, ensuring that you reach more users and with more results in search engines. It is highly effective in social networking and creates relationships with your visitors until they become your customers. Only with OMB100 can you have a complete and perfect sales funnel using only a single platform. You will have a system that will generate business for you, thus bringing you the best results that the internet can offer.

Perfect, ideal and necessary for any business.
Welcome to Internet 3.0!

See now an OMB100 Franchisee Smart Website and Funnel Sales development specialist.

You are not alone!

OMB100 Franchisees can give you all of the accessories needed to create and design websites, marketing strategies, and capture pages. You will also have the training and administration of mailing lists and auto-responder emails. Including page optimization, blogs and content, also better use of social networks, and local ads, etc.

What you have learned and what you have:

THIS IS THE TIME TO CHANGE! Just like any market, the internet has gone through phases:
First, you learned you had to have a website ...
After that, you learned that your site had to appear on Google ...
Today, you may have a site that does not appear on Google or you may have a site that appears on Google but it does not bring you practical results. Guess what? You have a "dumb" site!

A Brand New Vision: Marketing in the internet is much more than just having a website!

Why limit your business with a simple website when you can have for yourself a Smart website!

The internet has evolved and users are much more sophisticated. Having a site in the among the millions of other similar sites means nothing. You need a complete, integrated, and smart system. You need OMB100. Your Smart Website will bring users directly to you from search engines and social networks, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Facebook, etc. You will create relationship with your user and turn them into accounts. You will be your own sales machine. This will allow the customer get much closer to you. All of this is 100% automated and working for you 24/7! It is the best price available in the market and certainly far below what you have expected. In the new internet 3.0, it's much more than just having a presence. It is also necessary to be social and create engagements with users. Leading companies are already moving in that direction and you will also need to create a system that will maximize every visitor and to turn them into customers.



Professional Website Builder with drag and drop technology in HTML5 for you to create, update, and edit your websites whenever you like.

Create, edit, and update your professional websites with our super tool to build your websites. Without any knowledge in programming you will be able to become a true web designer and create "professional" websites for your business, ideas, products, and projects.
By editing professional templates or by creating it from scratch, you will be creating websites in just minutes.
OMB100 offers hundreds of templates ready for you to edit as well as applications. It's the smartest solution for any business no matter its size.

Websites for mobile devices
(because 30% of access comes from mobile devices)

Only 2% of companies have a special version for mobile devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets; And with OMB100 you are already ahead of your competitors! With our tool, you can also easily create your website specifically for mobile devices, presenting you with even more professionalism to thousands of customers and users accessing your website via mobile.

Professional EMAIL System
True professional do not use Generic e-mail!

Create and manage professional email accounts with your own domain, (Example: Professional e-mails with your own domain which offer your company a more professional presentation and are more easily remembered and identified by your customers. With the OMB100 system, you can have dozens of e-mail accounts.

Thousands of users generating internal consumption within our system.

OMB100 possesses its own web search bar (created with the technology and partnership of GOOGLE), which can be found in all of our pages, in your control panel, virtual office, as well as on Some customers' websites and users that insert our search bar on their websites. Our users often do their research in our own search bar and the first results are always of our own customers, followed by the results of Google customers, thus generating another source of access and results for our clients.

Our users often do their research in our very own search bar. The first results are always of our own customers, followed by the results of Google customers. This generates another source of access and results for your clients.


Optimized micro blog Your business in the first spot of Google and under your control

With our system you can be a SEO EXPERT! That is, you will learn to create Optimized MicroBlogs which are actually a kind of a "landing page" created with the best and the latest technology to place your business on the top positions of search engines. We are the creators of the concept and technology and because of this, only OMB100 has a system of optimized microblogs that offer you up to 5 microblogs per account for you to work with each of your keywords with maximum efficiency.

Landing Pages

For you to boost your relationship with your users

Everyone talks about having websites, but few people know the fantastic tool and benefits that a LANDING PAGE can bring to your business. This is the best tool to create a list of users or customers, as well as to create relationships and social engagement with your them. Knowing how to work with your LANDING PAGE can increase your results by more than 300% on the internet. Only the best companies in the market use this powerful strategy, but now with OMB100 you can have this technology available to you and receive the benefits of working with the best and most complete solution on the internet.

We are constantly promoting WEB-MARKETING training for our franchisees, so you can always count on having the best strategies, headlines, ideas and results on your landing pages. Consult a franchisee and see how a strategically developed landing page can "advance" your results.

Integrated pages for Facebook

Facebook is much more than the world's largest social network. It is actually a cultural phenomenon that impacts currently more than 500 million users. In other words, "Everybody is on Facebook".
With our OMB100 Smart Website , you can integrate your capture page or your website to your facebook, thus creating a new gateway to your business and be exactly where the users are. You will be able to gain new followers, users, and customers in a leisurely way. You can use this tool to go viral or to reduce advertising costs with Facebook. Only with our tool, you can have a capture page or your entire website integrated with your Facebook. This will dramatically increase the "likes" on your page, thus creating a potential customer list.

Professional email auto-reply marketing

How smart is the OMB100 Website? You will have a professional tool for capturing emails, a client list, the ability to send e-mails and scheduling full campaigns (auto-reply). With OMB100 you can create lists with up to 3,000 names and send up to 3,000 e-mails per month at no extra cost. You will have lists of potential and ative customers, a VIP customer list, etc. Many entrepreneurs still send their emails one by one, and the whole process becomes exhausting to the point where many just it give up. But with OMB100, you will be able to set up and automate an email campaign in just minutes for years and years!


Automatic page assessment tool.
(so that you can be Perfect)!

Get to know our professional tool developed by the best programmers and SEO experts in the market. With this tool you can analyze your pages in dozens of different aspects and leave it perfect in the eyes of search engines. Just type the URL of the desired page with a keyword and our tool will give you a "grade" in accordance to the reading of research tools. Thus, you can clearly identify the errors and leave each of your pages optimized and perfectly structured. There are only two ways you have access to a tool like this, and that is either through OMB100 or hiring this service in specific SEO websites for over 100 dollars a month.



The OMB100 system owns of one of the largest local search directories in the world. In fact, we probably have thousands of people online right now viewing companies listed in our directory originating from organic results in Google. We are so confident in our numbers that we are one of the only companies that offers an audit tool in real time so that everyone can see their access and where they come from...( in real time)

Having your company listed on THE BEST OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD is fundamental to increase your results on Google, backlinks, and be relevant on the internet.
Through the OMB100 system, you can insert up to 5 SIMPLE ads on THE BEST OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD.


With OMB100, you are in control!

With the OMB100 solution, you will have total control over ALL CONTENT. In your virtual office, you will have access to each of the OMB100 tools and you will be able to edit, delete, insert or create new content at any time. We offer a video library with hundreds of short video tutorials that will teach you how to tinker and master each of the tools and features of OMB100. With a some time and dedication, you can become an expert on the Internet.

But if you still need help, you can always count on our support department, which is always there and ready to help you with your questions or concerns. The difference of OMB100 SUPPORT SYSTEM is that our support team is in the same physical space as of our developers, allowing a much faster solution to any problem you may have in developing your sites, microblogs, e-mail accounts, ads, etc.


Easy and intuitive tool for creating logo-types

With our system you can quickly create professional logo-types for your new ideas and projects. Through our editor, you can create and download onto your computer a logo-type with the face of your business and you can use our diverse image database or even your own images.

the name of the company
your symbol
Edit and Save

Who says size doesn't matter?

When it comes to Hosting Websites and speed of servers, size DOES matters!

OMB100 now has 4 dedicated latest generation servers with machines built by Dell especially designed for our needs. Each of them comes with 16 processing centers, extreme storage capacity, and data transmission. These servers are divided into Web Access, Database, Email Management, and Hosting websites which are installed in one of the largest DATA CENTERS in Brazil. Thus, it offers you a 99.9% online service guarantee, with more security, speed, and technology.

The internet does not stop nor stops us!

OMB100 possesses a great team of programming and development professionals. We are always looking for new solutions, services and technology. We love the challenge of always bringing the newest and always providing our users with the latest that the internet has to offer!

We are currently developing:
Virtual stores and shopping cart systems.
Mobile applications for launches, promotions, and discounts.

In your virtual office, you will have access to dozens of other complementary solutions that can contribute greatly to your success on the internet, such as: the best of Autos, the best of the Real Estate, Task 50, webvalued and others . (Watch the video tutorials to learn to master all the tools)