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A quick, simple and COMPLETE solution for your business on the Internet

What is better than being Online TODAY? Having real results and a SOLID PRESENCE on the Internet, forever?!

OMB100 is the difference between having a website and advertisement, OR having a Solid presence along with the best results the Internet has to offer. It doesn't make sense to make websites elsewhere or with another tool, because only with OMB100 you are able to create as many websites as you want, optimized microblogs to ensure the best results from Google, mobile websites for Smartphones and Tablets, SEO tool for you to understand how the Internet works, personalized and professional email, customer service and support, a logo creator tool and much, much, much, more!



The OMB100 system owns one of the largest local business directories in the world, in fact, as we speak we probably have thousands of people online visiting the businesses listed in our directory, coming from the organic results of Google.
We are so confident with our numbers that we are one of the few companies that displays a real-time auditing tool so that everyone can see our visitors and where they came from... (IN REAL TIME)

Why is this important? Because you can verify that we have hundreds of visitors per minute from Organic search results of Google!
To have your company listed in THE BEST OF MY NEIGHBOREHOOD is fundamental in order to increase your results on Google, backlinks and relevance on the internet.
Included in OMB100's system, you get to insert up to 5 advertisements in THE BEST OF MY NEIGHBORHOOD portal for the same low price.


Professional Website Builder with drag and drop technology in HTML 5 so you can create as many websites as you'd like

Learn how to create professional websites with our super tool for building websites.
Without any knowledge of programming you will be able to become a true web-designer and create "professional" websites for your businesses, ideas, products, projects, events, family, school papers, presentations, etc...
Editing professional templates or creating them from scratch, you can create websites in minutes.
OMB100 offers hundreds of Templates ready for you to edit, as well as applications and the most intelligent solutions for companies of any size.


Your businesses in the TOP POSITIONS OF GOOGLE, all under your control!

With our system you will become an SEO EXPERT!
That's right, you will learn how to create Optimized Micro Blogs, which is actually a species of "landing page" created with the best and latest SEO technology to get your businesses in the top positions of search engines.
We are the creators of the concept and the technology, therefore only OMB100 has the Optimized Microblogs system and gives you up to 10 microblogs per account, for you to work with maximum efficiency for each of your key words.


Automatic tool for evalutating pages.
(So that you are Perfect)!

Learn more about our professional Tool developed by the best programmers and experts in the SEO industry. With this tool you can analyze your pages in dozens of different aspects and leave them perfect in the eyes of search engines. Just put the URL of the page you want with the keyword and our tool will give you a "grade" in accordance with the reading of such search engines. This way you can clearly identify the errors and make each one of your pages have a perfect structure and optimization. There are only two ways you can get access to a tool such as this, through OMB100 or hiring this sort of service through specific SEO websites for more than $100 a month.

(For you to dominate the Market)

VIP Plan

For those who want professional help that is fast and accessible.

We understand that many users need to devote time to their own business and more often than not, they do not know how to develop or take care of their content on the internet.
For this, we have developed the VIP Plan provided by OMB100, where you can hire a professional, highly specialized in all of our tools, to create your virtual presence and maintain the contents and information.
It is as if you hired your own Bill Gates to constantly work on your pages and ensure the best results that the internet has to offer.
The OMB100 team will devote all of the time necessary, everyday, to upgrade and renew the contents of your website to ensure that you get the best results possible in search engines.
With the VIP Plan you can sign up for other web services, like that of press release, creation of backlinks, advertisements in hundreds of directories, creation of fan pages on facebook, publishing and optimization of videos on youtube, etc...

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Free Plan

Test all of our tools

The free plan was intended to give you a little more knowledge about the tools and the possibilities of OMB100, so you can feel safe with your decision before hiring our services. With the free plan you have limited access to all of the tools, but you cannot publish any content on the internet.

Silver Plan

You do it yourself

The Silver Plan holds the purpose of allowing you to use our tools and all of the possibilities of OMB100, so you can build your own website, achieve the results you need and get your business on the right track to success. With the Silver Plan you have unlimited access to all of the tools, and you can publish your content to the internet using two different domain names!